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  • Front End Developer Tools You Should Use in 2021 (and What I Love About Them)

    Emmert Wolf once wrote: a man is only as good as his tools and that remains true for every profession, especially for frontend developers. Discover 7 tools that could improve your productivity and speed up your development workflow..

  • Merge Objects in Array by Key

    Find out how to merge objects in an array based on a key and create a new array that contains the merged objects.

  • 5 Personal Developer Newsletters that Have Helped Me Grow as a Frontend Developer

    Developer newsletters have helped me maintain a consistent learning habit. In this article, I share five personal developer blogs and their newsletters that have helpd me become a better frontend developer and will for you too.

  • How To Teach Yourself To Code

    Learn what you need to know to teach yourself to code using online resources and sucessfully grow from a newbie to beginner developer.

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